Vulcan Materials Company strives to operate its business in a sustainable manner that creates value for our shareholders. We accomplish this by conducting our activities in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. This benefits all of our stakeholders, which include shareholders, employees, communities, customers, contractors, suppliers, and others. We employ sustainable practices that enhance the quality of life for those we serve and for the areas where we operate. We are committed to lead and excel in all aspects of environmental stewardship, safety, health, and social responsibility. Protecting the environment and the safety and health of our employees and the public are integral to our business and are a key part of our mission.


We use our management systems at Vulcan to guide our business conduct as well as our social, environmental and economic activities. These systems provide sustainable value by:


• Enhancing our safety values, and by seeking additional ways to promote and improve the quality of life of our workforce and community members;


• Assessing, reducing and/or eliminating potential risks to employees, contractors, customers, the environment and the communities we serve;


• Upholding ethical business practices and meeting or exceeding applicable legal and other requirements;


• Understanding, promoting and upholding fundamental human rights within our sphere of influence, respecting the traditional rights of indigenous peoples and valuing cultural heritage;


• Encouraging a diverse workforce and providing a work environment in which everyone is treated fairly, with respect, and with ample opportunities to reach their full potential;


• Promoting efficient use of resources and energy, including reducing and preventing pollution;


• Promoting biodiversity by assessing and considering ecological values in current and future operations and land use planning;


• Effectively managing land resources throughout the mining lifecycle, from the permitting process through reclamation or other reuse;


• Encouraging and supporting open, honest and regular engagement with the communities we serve, and considering their views in our decision making;


• Developing relationships that foster sustainability within our communities and that enhance economic benefits from our operations;


• Promoting responsible use and life cycle management of our products, including recycle and reuse; and


• Regularly reviewing and publicly reporting on our performance and progress.


We engage with and support our employees, communities, contractors, suppliers, customers, business associates and other stakeholders in ongoing partnerships that are designed to help fulfill our commitment to sustainability.


We measure success through achievement of our goals: excellence in environmental, health and safety practices; recognition as a valued member of our communities; and contribution of lasting social, environmental and economic benefits to society.


Sustainability Policy