We add value for our customers, employees and communities by providing critical construction materials to important state and federal highway construction projects, as well as local commercial and residential construction projects. Each project we supply creates value for the local community, not only by helping to ease highway congestion or provide easier access to residential and business areas, but also by creating jobs for construction workers and, in the case of new commercial construction, new employees of the completed new facility.


In 2011, Vulcan's West Region provided construction aggregates, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and other construction materials (rubberized asphalt and recycled concrete) to state and federal highway projects that added a total value of over $8.2 billion to our local communities.


These projects included numerous Caltrans projects including new and updated freeway construction (Routes 905 and 210), as well as asphalt and concrete rehabilitation for state highways (State Routes 191, 198, 180, and 99).


In addition, we participated in commercial and residential construction projects that contributed a total value of over $1.7 billion to our local communities. In 2011, these included two federal courthouses, San's Diego's Main Library, Camp Pendleton Hospital, multiple residential housing developments and many other projects.


The projects featured below are only a sampling of some key projects that made significant economic impacts in their communities.


Fresno, CA


Fresno Airport Runway 11R/29L

Project Value/Economic Contribution to the Community: $25 Million


Reconstruction of this runway at Fresno Yosemite International Airport will allow for the reopening of the runway after many years and also will accommodate new international flights into the Fresno/Yosemite area. When complete, Vulcan West Region will have produced over 110,000 tons of Hot Mix Asphalt and 60,000 tons of P-209 crushed base for the runway contractor.


Bakersfield, CA


Thomas Roads Improvement Program

Project Value/Economic Contribution to the Community: $1.3 Billion


Vulcan West Region is providing almost all of the aggregate and a substantial portion of the ready-mixed concrete to construct all phases of the Westside Parkway Freeway in Bakersfield. Additionally, we have supplied the Mohawk, 7th Standard Widening, Hageman Flyover, and SR 178/Fairfax projects – all part of the Thomas Roads Improvement Program (TRIP).


Bakersfield Federal Courthouse

Project Value/Economic Contribution to the Community: $17-22 Million


Vulcan's West Region began work on this project in September 2010 and finished May 2012.  This exciting project incorporated an innovative building design along with green concrete technologies. We worked closely with the builder, producing 45 concrete color samples early in the project. In the end, we had zero defective materials on the project – an excellent accomplishment. This challenging project included a variety of concrete mixes, especially since the white decorative concrete was delivered during summer months. Vulcan West Region supplied all three of our core products - concrete, aggregates & asphalt - to the project.


San Diego, CA


Scripps Proton Therapy Center

Project Value/Economic Contribution to the Community: $220 Million


The Scripps Proton Therapy Center presented unique challenges to Vulcan West's San Diego team. To understand the project's challenges, the team first needed to understand the application and engineering logic behind the concrete mix: to inhibit the transmission of radiation beyond the walls. This can be accomplished through either thicker walls or heavier concrete. In this case, we determined that a heavier concrete would work best.


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