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This report contains information about us, our sustainability program, and our economic, environmental and social contributions in 2013. In each section of this report, we identify the baseline, metrics and performance target.

In 2013, Vulcan's West Region operated aggregates, asphalt mix, asphalt coating, and ready-mixed concrete production facilities in California and Arizona and operated as one of four regions of Vulcan Materials Company. See below for our company profile.


The sustainability metrics in this report cover sites owned or operated by the West Region. Unless otherwise stated, data are reported for the West Region only.

Vulcan Materials Company (NYSE: VMC) is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and provides infrastructure materials that fuel the American economy. Vulcan Materials is the nation's largest producer of construction aggregates, a major producer of other construction materials including asphalt and ready-mixed concrete and a leading producer of cement in Florida. In 2013, Vulcan's West Region included Arizona and California, which anchored Vulcan's business in the West.


Vulcan Materials produces aggregates, primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel, that are used in nearly all forms of construction. In particular, large quantities of aggregates are used to build roads and develop the built environment.


Since 2000, Vulcan Materials has been named to Fortune magazine's annual list of "America's Most Admired Companies" eight times. In addition, Vulcan Materials has twice been ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the top 10 companies in the Fortune 1000 for social responsibility and long-term investment.

The construction materials business is capital and energy intensive; investments and returns occur over many years. To deliver and sustain value to shareholders, communities, employees and other stakeholders, we need economic, environmental and social stability. We commit to economic success, respect for people and respect for the environment. We also maintain an enhanced reputation for our environmental and social policies while providing economic prosperity to the communities in which we operate.

In 2013, the West Region was one of four regions for Vulcan Materials, each led by a Senior Vice President of Vulcan Materials. Each region assumed operational responsibility for all activities conducted.

We value our employees and work hard to help develop them for leadership roles. Managers help employees create and review Individual Development Plans. Managers also provide growth experiences on the job, opportunities for training, performance feedback and an environment where employees feel empowered and responsible for their own self- development.

Our mission and guiding documents provide the foundation for our approach to sustainability.


Our business conduct policy outlines how we meet our commitment to maintaining our business values and ethics in our relationships with our employees, stockholders, customers, suppliers and the communities where we conduct business. Employees are required to report conduct that violates or appears to violate the policy. These reports can be made to supervisors, any member of management or, confidentially, to a third party helpline.


In addition, our Policies and Standard Practice Instructions set forth the expectations with regard to our activities. We conduct regular audits of all business lines to ensure that established standards are maintained and that safety, health and environmental programs at regional and plant levels are functioning properly. Plant and management personnel are also given the opportunity to participate in the ongoing life cycle plan for their facility, allowing them to provide input into the concept, operation and end use of the facility.

In 2008, we undertook an assessment of sustainability risks associated with our business. At that time, we identified five key challenges:


• Eliminate fatal incidents


• Improve access to and management of natural resources


• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


• Sustain occupational health


• Manage regulatory climate


We strive to meet these challenges by maintaining focus and leadership on these issues. Our employees have increasingly developed the tools and technical expertise to successfully navigate a myriad of complex environmental rules and regulatory conditions. We have done so while maintaining an unparalleled track record of environmental stewardship.

Vulcan's West Region is responsible for the preparation and review of the information in this report. We believe this report fairly represents our activities and results for the year that ended

December 31, 2013.


The reporting of our data is generally consistent with the goals of the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) 2000-2006 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines in determining relevant content and performance metrics.


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